Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to the new blog!

Hi everyone!  This is my blog!  I will be posting videos for your entertainment and education! I come across so many interesting and funny things online, that I can't help but share it all with you guys.  Its a great place to find zany videos to share with your friends as well!

I'm always on the lookout for new things to link, so if some of the people here would like to share something, just post a link and I'll put it up (if its good enough of course!  That's added pressure for you, loyal audience!).  Of course, since this blog takes user submissions, it'd be great if you showed this site to your friends, who can show it to their friends, who can show it to their friends, etc., and along the line, one of your friend's friend's friend's friend's friend's friends will have a hilarious video to share that you've never seen!  Its a fantastic concept, no?

Well, I think it's kind of fantastic, conceptually at least, and I hope you all like it!

First video has a great lesson- never say no to Panda!

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